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Reconciliation Commission: edit Tutu popularised the term " Rainbow Nation " as a metaphor for post-apartheid South Africa after 1994 under ANC rule. 367 Tutu served in this capacity until May 2013. Ultimately, Allen thought that perhaps Tutu's "greatest legacy" was the fact that he gave "to the world as it entered the twenty-first century an African model for expressing the nature of human community". He tried to avoid alignment with any particular political party; in the 1980s he for instance signed a plea urging anti-apartheid activists in the United States to support both the ANC and the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC). The cathedral was packed for the event; in attendance was the TEF's chairman, Archibishop Karekin Sarkissian of the Armenian Orthodox Church. They subsequently changed denominations, first to the African Methodist Episcopal Church and then to the Anglican Church. Detention of prisoners at Guantánamo Bay. Archbishop of Cape Town: edit Tutu on a visit to San Francisco in 1986 After Philip Russell announced his retirement as the Archbishop of Cape Town, in February 1986 the Black Solidarity Group formed a plan to get Tutu appointed as his replacement. While Tutu was in charge of the sacc, it was revealed that one of its divisional director's had been stealing funds.

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He returned to school in 1949 and took his national exams in late 1950, gaining a second-class pass. He was also reportedly bad at managing finances and prone to overspending, resulting in accusations of irresponsibility and extravagance. When chairing the TRC, Tutu advocated an explicitly Christian model of reconciliation, as part of which he believed that South Africans had to face up to the damages that they had caused and accept the consequences of their actions. The South African government and mainstream media either downplayed or criticised the award, while the Organisation of African Unity hailed it as evidence of apartheid's impending demise. As well as English, Tutu could speak Zulu, Sotho, Tswana, and Xhosa. He also acknowledged that he retained his own subconscious anti-black racist thoughts; when on a Nigerian plane, he felt a "nagging worry" on discovering that both salem online dating pilot and co-pilot were black, having been conditioned to thinking that only whites could be entrusted with such positions.

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