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out when the book of Acts was actually written. Evidence # 8 shows that Luke is on record of writing about Christian martyrs. Professor Harnack accordingly puts the date of its composition between the years 80 and 90, and there is no reason why we should not accept that date as at any rate that of its final revision, though it still remains quite probable that parts. Due to the rapid and extensive spread of the Christian faith under heavy persecution, Josephus and other secular historians were forced to write about Jesus. Acts is the second of two books written by Luke, so setting a date for Acts also serves to establish the latest possible date for the Gospel of Luke. When you finish reading this page, you will begin to understand why Christians logically accept these dates.

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By the time Josephus published Antiquities in 93 CE, the Christian faith had spread across the Roman world. Return to Top Scholarly Evidence: Critique of Naturalism Recent scholarly research has identified a correlation between what Josephus wrote about Jesus and what Luke wrote about Jesus at the 98 confidence level. As Luke researched his gospel, some of the material now in Matthew and Mark would have been available to him. In every occasion the leadership role of James is taken for granted (Peter and Paul are not considered the top leaders, as they would be later). Det blev på många sätt en match i domarteknologins tecken när. The referenced Web site reads, "a letter from Claudius to the city of Delphi, naming Gallio as the friend of Claudius and proconsul of Achaia." Why is the Gallio inscription important? 5 : Archaeological Evidence: An inscription was found at Delphi, Greece citing Gallio as the proconsul of Achaia under the reign of Claudius Caesar. 3) Luke writes about James, the brother of Jesus. Also, Acts describes in detail the three missionary journeys of Paul. The next day Paul and the rest of us Luke: emphasis mine went to see James, and all the elders were present.